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I promised kitara and dakus that I'd be getting with the program again by 8/2 because I want to document more about my trip to Japan that starts tomorrow than I have in the past... so, various administrivia taken care of, and this is my first test post from the LJ app. It's a little rudimentary, but it seems serviceable.


[edit: handles multiple languages, at least]

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Season's Greetings! to all and their families.

Please note my lack of putting words into boxes here is no indication of lack of reading several times a day... I enjoy the peeks into everyones' lives as much as ever, and LIveJournal still serves it's original purpose (for me) of keeping me closer to friends that I am not geographically close to, and how fortuitous that it became available just as all of us from CATT were beginning to move on from school.

Have a great rest of the year, and please feel free to slightly overindulge.
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links of the morning, via N.F.

Autistic savant draws Rome from memory.</>
Japanese men running in synchronized slow motion.[1]
Donald in mathemagic land.[2]
Timelapse of fog rolling over San Francisco by Simon Christen.[3]
What would happen if you put your hand in the Large Hadron Collider?

1: "Wait" by Farida's Cafe
2: Seeing things like this as a kid is why I am an engineer
3: Fog does something I did not expect starting around 1:57
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<jesse> I'm interested in building a Farnsworth Fusor, mostly for the neutrons
<greck> so you can set off alarms at SNO in the middle of the night? :-)
<jesse> well, not until you suggested it

Incidentally, as much as I love my my new school, I learned a lot (although not necessarily in the classroom) at NCSU, and they deserve mad credit for doing great things... since way back right up until today. To wit:
September 5, 1953

NC State’s School of Engineering today operated the world’s first nuclear reactor used for teaching, research and public service (first non-government nuclear reactor). One year later, NC State launched the nation’s only doctoral program in nuclear engineering.
[source: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/news/media/pdfs/timeline.pdf]
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(via avantard)

Folks, this is why you don't do impromptu culling of "bad" images from your digital camera while you're in the field... or after you get home! Sometimes it's impossible to realize the value of a photograph until decades later, and that means you have to let them pile up in the digital version of a shoebox until someone can come along later and find them. So tag well (I'm going through this with my grandma right now—who are these people? where is this? and let's capture that information before the context is lost forever) and use features like stacks to eliminate clutter without discarding data forever, but don't delete anything!
Disney World Destiny for Married Couple

Have you heard of this story? A married couple is going through some old family pictures, when he sees his dad pushing him in a stroller in the background of her family picture taken at Walt Disney World. They didn’t know each other then (he lived in Canada and she in Florida) but fate or destiny drew them together.

I wonder how many other times since Disneyland opened in 1955 that this has happened? Any math wiz’s want to take a shot at the odds?

[source: http://thedisneyblog.com/2010/06/08/disney-world-destiny-for-married-couple/]
Also, I have to plug StoryCorp while I'm going on about preserving history... what they're doing, it's really important. So go listen. And consider doing-it-yourself with your parents or grandparents or that favorite aunt or uncle, and capture that story you've been hearing since you were a kid, so that it will be around for your kids, and theirs and theirs.
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HobbesWERK: i really wish there was a visual vlan tutorial
HobbesWERK: because i have no idea what "no untagged" (notation untagged) means
greck: does that...
greck: enable tagging?
greck: lol
HobbesWERK: so far in these HPs
HobbesWERK: i see
HobbesWERK: tagged
HobbesWERK: untagged
HobbesWERK: no tagged
HobbesWERK: no untagged
HobbesWERK: lol
greck: that seems like 2x as many options as are necessary


greck: today's topics of discussion have included Google Wave Is Just IRC In A Web Browser and HP ProCurve Switches: Actually Stupid Or Just Unintelligible?
Riverside: no
Riverside: its Not Un-unintelligible
greck: dammit you made my LOL on the phone
Riverside: hahahahahhaha
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wonko: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36CB4jOH2UA
surlytmpl: hammer pants
surlytmpl: sometimes he's adorable but sometimes he's ridiculously geeky
wonko: y
surlytmpl: this vid appears to be from the 80s
iammud: no way, that shit was made last week
greck: technically, since it's from india, it could be made *tomorrow*
iammud: haha