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satan's little suckass demonstration

ok friday night we finally hung out with warped... and…

7/9/01 10:17 am

ok friday night we finally hung out with warped... and honestly, I knew he was a sick fetish freak long before I laid eyes on him. it's all good, he says he's not gonna be a stranger and I know the general vicinity in which he lives, so carpet bombing techniques can be employed if he reneges.

after chilling with thai elvis at palms we drove down to san diego again. the rest of the weekend is kinda fuzzy, I slept under a fan friday night, got sick right on cue, and slept most of the rest of the weekend. I do remember eating at the big gay hamburger place—good food, traumatic atmosphere.

so now I'm back at work, drinking hot tea and honey trying to get my throat to chill out... historically it hasn't taken more than a day to get over a fan-induced head cold, but this time it's being stubborn.
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