satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

weather patterns here continue to be a mystery to me... this is like the third day in a row we've had a marine layer after a week of clear sunsets and sunrises. not complaining, it's just that as unpredictable as carolina weather is, after 25 years you can kinda tell what's going on. and here, well, I've got no idea yet.

I didn't get to talk to brymbyl yesterday; he started school and worked the evening. I hope he's around sometime today.

shane and I finally put a deposit on an apartment yesterday. it's a ½ address (!) on 88th, just north of the eastern approach path to LAX. nice neighborhood, and we already know three people that live there. yeah, it can be a little loud at times. honestly I could give a fuck—I'm so tired of not having our own place I dunno what to do. so 09/15, it's all ours. the price is even right.

everyone upstairs at work is moving downstairs, and we're going to try and sublet the second floor space to save some cash... this means everyone downstairs (where my dept. already was) is getting shuffled around. we got this huge corner space with a 30' ceiling where all soon-to-be eight of us can sit. my only real bitch is it used to be the video library, and there are still shelves of tapes down two walls. they're a serious eyesore. my suggestion to get rid of them was put an automatic bell at the threshold and every time someone walks in and it goes off, scream "welcome to blockbuster!" I bet it'd only take a week for the tapes to get vacated.

I think that's all for now.

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