satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

here's what else we randomly got while we were here...

1540jets to brazilorange rhyming dictionary"crown of the valley"
389bisthe new transistor heroes"lie detector test"
3418the promise ringnothing feels good"pink chimneys"
2648sex policemedallion"spanish indians"
470blink 182enema of the state"all the small things"
2915space monkeysthe daddy of them all"march of the scarecrows"
3405the promise ring30 degrees everywhere"somebody's done for"
2791slick shoeswake up screaming"lucky"
978erniesmeson ray"bacteria"
1504jawbreaker24 hour revenge therapy"west bay invitational"
266ativingerman water"back at the lab"
2688shiftget in"in honor of myself"
3027strung outtwisted by design"just like me"
480bloodhound ganguse your fingers"kids in america" [cover]
3236the cranberriesno need to argue"twenty one"
889dj bobby b99 rips beyond"inland empire"
2781sleepytime triomemory-minus"all ease" [live]
2719silverchairfreak show"pop song for us rejects"
1400inflicted spoontheir money or your life"cages of steel"
295bad religionstranger than fiction"television"
1362illphonic[self-titled]"sick dog (criminal)"

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