May 21st, 2000

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Chicago is a very cool town... Hose picked me up from the airport and we went to Wishbone for brunch, home of super tasty potato pancakes (ask for more sour cream, they don't give you enough). Went to see the Bouncing Souls at The Vic... Dropkick Murphys headlined but we left early--the broken intonations of The Distillers and The Dwarves wore me out. The pizza at Pizzeria Uno is unlike anything I've ever had... and now that I look, there's a location in Greensboro. I wonder if the food's as good. Slept in late, ate lunch at a fantastic Thai place (Pot Pan, 1750 W North) that has one of the coolest decors of anywhere I've been (yeah, the lights are made from woks). Got to the airport really early so we stopped at Friday's for dessert and coffee. Oh, and that whole functional public transportation thing... excellent use of tax money.