October 23rd, 2000

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On Friday I discovered Allrecipes.com... very nice. Easily searchable, user-reviews, "myrecipe box", converts English to metric, scales recipes to any size, makes shopping lists... everything but juliennes, basically. So Shane and I made the Basic Vegetable Stock on Saturday, and then used it to make Curried Winter Soup yesterday... it was a lot of fun goofing off in the kitchen all weekend, and the results were pretty tasty.

Jeremy stopped by and sampled some late last night and I think he agrees that more lentils and substituting red pepper penne will make it just about right. FIE on everyone else who copped out on us... you know who you are.

We stayed up until 1 watching The Sixth Sense--which Shane had never seen and somehow had not had spoiled for him.

And then I couldn't sleep. Those of you who know me fairly well know I can sleep anywhere, anytime, for any length of time... so on the rare occasion I can't sleep, I go kinda crazy. Like it gnaws at my mind. Like I get a taste of the kind of damage you could to do your own psyche. I finally got a few hours of sleep and managed to get to the office before lunch... at least the headache I had last night and which was in full effect when I woke up this morning has subsided.

Shane's home watching Dogma now... something else he's never seen. It's, ummmm, exactly the kind of funny that we're both likely to enjoy. Yeah.

It's just about time to think about going home for lunch. There's soup to warm up... but I'm gonna make curry for dinner so I think maybe we'll go out.