February 9th, 2001

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I'm trying to get the flu. well, not like I want it, but you know what I mean. my throat got all fucked up yesterday afternoon, and I didn't sleep well last night from the alternating hot and cold. I've been dosing on tylenol severe cold and feel a lot better now, but my chest still aches. obviously I'll feel fantastic later tonight, just in time for the rain to roll in.

abbey wanted shane and I to go see hannibal, but we're passing. we'd both rather it were about elephants and the alps. instead we're going to get cawfee, either before or after. I guess I should call her or something, since she won't respond to my INSTANT MESSAGES. hmmm now I want to make a little icon that looks like water being poured on little shrunken, crumpled-up text.