February 23rd, 2001

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16:28:48 shane: what's the word that means it applies to both sexes?
16:29:04 greck: rare
16:29:17 shane: heh.
16:29:29 shane: no...like the name pat applies to both sexes.
16:29:38 shane: it's _____
16:29:44 greck: androgenous
16:29:49 shane: YES
16:30:20 greck: though I find now it's spelled androgynous
16:30:29 shane: yeah it has a y
16:30:47 greck: from the latin androgynus, "hermaphrodite"
16:31:26 shane: yay merriam-webster :P
16:31:36 greck: cool, the "gyne" part is the greek word for woman, where we get "queen"
16:32:04 shane: so when women go to the gyno they are getting the royal treatment?