September 22nd, 2001

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mario, ashley, ashley's-friend-ryan, shane and I went to see an episode of that '70s show being filmed last night. we got to the studio around 17:00 and had the vehicle searched before we got parked. they started seating the audience around 17:30 and filming started promptly at 18:30. very smooth operation... six scenes had been pre-shot Thursday afternoon (which we saw in-sequence so they could capture the audience track) leaving ten for us to watch live. there was a comedian to distract the audience between takes, and popsicles somewhere towards the end. two hours later, it was all over. I got a script out of the deal, that looks like it was still banged out on a an old typewriter.

I want a more personal experience. not with the actors, but with the camera crew. I doubt my parents remember... but when I was little—during the "I want to be a firefighter" phase—what I wanted to be was a cameraman. I can't really explain it. I used to sit on the living room floor with a joystick from the 2600 pretending I was the one controlling the shots. so yeah, I'm still fascinated by the process that gets the action on film. I figure if I live in LA long enough, I'll get a chance to really see how things work one day.

the episode is #408, "the forgotten son". if the schedule holds, in theory it'll run on 11/7 (wed).
flagstaff coffee mug

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