November 12th, 2001

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I pretty much had a completely unplugged weekend... 200+ journal entries to read this morning, including birthday wishes from a lot of you. all your names are after the cut, mostly for my memory's sake.

wil got here thursday afternoon, and it's been really cool having him here. we hit every bike shop we could find from santa monica to huntington on friday... headed inland and checked out his old 'hood, hit a couple of more bike shops, checked out the vans skatepark at ontario mills, and then the races saturday night at cutting edge.

most everyone followed my birthday instructions and I only got two presents. didn't really do much... had some emo time with shane, and wil totally snapped my skateboard in two. I guess that's what happens when you pick a synagogue parking lot as your spot on a sunday.

today, it was hard to get up and come to work. I did score free lunch from all the engineering kids for my birthday, though. hopefully I can make some more progress on stuff this afternoon and get out of here at a reasonable time.

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