December 25th, 2001

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it's been a quiet day. really nice weather; I spent a while outside earlier working on manuals. I've washed five load of clothes so far, with at least two more to come. dad called last night, mom called this morning, david this afternoon. amongst the people I always talk to on IM (not to slight y'all, at all), I got to talk to jared-who-has-been-in-hiding, which was really nice. and I've been fixing little glitches as they crop up after last night's reinstall.

I didn't really get any presents, unless you count some good company and the continued presence of a roof over my head and food in kitchen... which I consider a pretty good haul.

I hope you've all enjoyed your holiday, however you've chosen to spend it, and if I didn't speak to you today, be well until I do.