December 31st, 2001

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I'm putting all my my blake s. albums on md. unfun + bivouac + 24 hour revenge therapy + dear you + live 4-3-96 + orange rhyming dictionary... with almost 45 minutes to spare.

I think I've decided mdlp is a Good Thing.
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    jawbreaker - unfun - "incomplete"
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the people at em5000 need to eat shit and die. last wednesday, either they turned up a new service, or people finally started taking advantage of them, or something.

green is messages processed in a five minute interval, and the blue line is messages stuck in the queue. the 150 messages above background noise are ALL bounces to addresses like that's right, I have a mailing list of my very own with them. practically everyone at the office does. I also have one of my very own @unpunk—I've been getting about ten spams a day for the last week through these people. the bitch is, the spammers are relaying through an undisclosed address; I've met with zero success every time I've followed their politely offered unsubscribe links.

that box proxies mail for about 100 users, and in ten days time my queue load has quadrupled. draw your own conclusions for where this leaves ISPs and places like critical path.

their office is in san marco; that's about 90 minutes from here. tempting.
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