June 18th, 2002

quisic card

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finally, the news is out...

( EDT Learning Acquires Assets of Quisic )

the twenty of us that are left are moving to a new office, located right down the street in fox hills. I posted some photos of the new space the other day, prior to all the painting that's been going on over the weekend.

I've mentioned the acquisition before, but the part I didn't want to share (for legal reasons, and for fear of jinxing the deal) is that EDT asked me about two weeks ago to take over IT for the whole company... about 60 people in phoenix, a handful in memphis and another data center in chicago on top of what we have here in LA.

EDT has been around a long time, has been profitable six quarters in a row, and I really like the guy I report to. so with any luck, this puts an end to all the unemployment-related stress that's been in my life the last six months.

heh, on the other hand, we have to be out of our old building by next tuesday and I just got off the phone with the contractor who's ordering the voice trunks.

someone bring me another cup of coffee.