August 13th, 2002

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(no subject)

11:13:26 jeremy: we should revolutionize their industry.
11:13:50  greck: howso?
11:13:54 jeremy: dunno
11:13:58 jeremy: we'll think of something
11:14:02  greck: hahaha
11:14:03 jeremy: it'll make us rich though
11:14:10 jeremy: free advertising
11:14:16 jeremy: the whole world sees porn
11:14:28 jeremy: if we make it cool the whole world will know our names
11:14:47 jeremy: and maybe they'll want what we can do
11:15:02 jeremy: we'll have enough money to make billgates our house boy
11:15:08 jeremy: we'll call him mario
11:15:15 jeremy: and clap when we need him
11:15:28  greck: HAHAHA
11:15:46 jeremy: THAT was a tangent
11:15:49 jeremy: hmm
11:18:10  greck: yes, it certainly was
11:18:19 jeremy: so you in?
11:18:23 jeremy: ;-)
11:18:46 jeremy: sometimes my mind just runs off to trollop among the posies