September 24th, 2002

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in case you missed it, I was in memphis over the weekend... work not pleasure, although I had a pretty good time. friday night's ribs were at blues city cafe, and that was all I saw of beale st. the whole weekend. if I'd ever been to new orleans, I think beale st. would remind me of a smaller, much cleaner version of it.

heather was tied up sunday, so I wandered around germantown on foot... ended up picking up the first harry potter book (it was the only thing target had I was remotely interested in reading), and digested it along with some mediocre italian.

have you ever noticed how my journal always ends up being food reviews?

sorcerer's stone was about what I expected. story on the juvenile side, but it kept me entertained well enough I picked up chamber of secrets at IAH on the way back sunday to amuse me on the plane.

speaking of planes, both flights into and out of memphis I was on one of those rad little embraer erj-145s. the really fun part was the turbulence on the way into memphis friday; one time we fell far enough fast enough to throw everyone's drinks towards the ceiling and pick the concession cart (and the flight attendant) up off the floor.

I took almost zero pictures while I was gone, but had to get some of our office out there just to piss people here off. not that I give a rat's ass about golf, but where we have a piece of astroturf and a ball returner in the lobby, they have a full-on putting green right out the back door.

you basically fly up the ten from houston heading back to LA (right by the salton sea), and as we got a little west of palm springs it turned out to be really clear all the way to the coast... I saw catalina better from a hundred miles away and five-plus miles up than I've ever seen it from land.

today got off to a bad start (ants), but work has been pretty quiet... cleaned up some tiny messes I left in memphis, worked out a MEM/PHX routing bug, nothing too exciting. I guess marie was sick while I was gone, jon's coming down with it, and I've threatened violence if I'm next. now I'm gonna try and finish a few things up and get out early enough to have a few hours of sun left, I want to ride my bike.
flagstaff coffee mug

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just back in with two little bloody spots I didn't have when I left. cool.

I need to go by wamu and deposit my reimbursement check from my trip to phx, pick up a few things at the grocery store, and maybe the harry potter movie to watch later while the book is still in my head.