October 1st, 2002

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the dodgers were out of play-off contention saturday since the giants won, and they let all the AAA kids start on sunday... a little lame on fan appreciation day, but not worth the three hours of complaining the guy sitting behind us did.

my business cards showed up yesterday, so I can finally get back to trying to win free lunch.

it's overcast, cold, and rained this morning for the second time since saturday. good thing I brought some sleeves to work. and there's tomato soup at home in the cabinet, just waiting.

I was the second person in the office this morning and used the last of the sugar.

there are some "organization changes" going on today that are gonna generate a lot of work for IT.

this afternoon, I'll try and finish up a favor for ben ().

and now, breakfast was so long ago all I can think about is lunch.
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the scene... chadwick is beating his head on the door to jon () and my office as kathy is walking down the hall.

kathy: there's support groups for that, you know.
  jon: doors are cheaper.