March 22nd, 2003

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good day... my shoulder almost doesn't hurt anymore, I went to the beach, and got all but three things on my grocery list, and I just might go to costco in a while and knock those three things out too. I picked up some ground beef so I'm thinking about making spapeggy for dinner. (ahh nice, there's an airplane bottle of vodka I can throw in the sauce.) looks like I'm going to st. doug tomorrow and working from there monday, so I need to go to burbank sometime this evening and finish up an install. also, laundry. I even cleaned the refrigerator out, and the kitchen to some extent. add beer to make four items; I'm tired of the apartment being dry. speaking of, the next apartment needs more windows. noooo, I'm not ready for the sun to go down...
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    The Bad Plus - These Are The Vistas - "Flim [cover]"