April 15th, 2003

flagstaff coffee mug

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my fingers are freezing, so I put a beanie on.

thompson seedless grapes are good.

tomato soup and a ham & cheese sandwich are approved by me for breakfast.

work is actually moving along today.

I miss having a web cam. I should fine a usb-ish one that works with linux and hook it up.
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    ann beretta - "lock, ready & load"
flagstaff coffee mug

(no subject)

I got a ton of shit done today, got to ride my bike for a while, stared at the moon, and treated myself to in-n-out... time to go to bed happy.

p.s. hey wil, bise has this plan to manual-to-wallride over that fat parking rail on 83rd (at hindry... you know, the tire-danger place) if he can stop coughing up lung long enough to give it a shot. and after finally watching him ride today, I bet he can. I'll try and take a picture.