April 20th, 2003

flagstaff coffee mug

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I just bought my first piece of art... I'm meeting the artist sometime tomorrow to exchange money for canvas.

the show last night was a lot of fun, although the first two openers sucked. skiptrace's vocals are so whiny and out of tune, it's just intolerable. and black cat music reminded me of another band that I can't place and don't particularly like. union 13 wrecked the place as usual... ann beretta was really good, but the crowd wasn't into them (little band from richmond sandwiched between two towering local acts, didn't surprise me). and backside was backside... loud, fast, and a really amazing rapport with the crowd.

gonna go pick shane up here in a little while so he can come over and finish his laundry. probably watch some TV or something, if the dish is behaving. I've got an hour or so of work to do I'm gonna save until right before bed... which I should think about getting into earlier tonight than the last few—work is going to come calling all too early in the morning.