July 29th, 2003

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(19:57:24) pajamacore: dammit.
(19:58:25) pajamacore: my emails to the cuban interests section keep getting bounced back to me.
(19:58:41) gr3ck: that's lame
(19:58:50) gr3ck: we're probably all going to pinko jail now
(19:58:58) pajamacore: well, just me.
(19:59:02) pajamacore: i actually thought of that earlier.
(20:01:50) gr3ck: oh
(20:01:54) gr3ck: you need to pop
(20:02:06) pajamacore: what?
(20:02:08) gr3ck: the cuban government wasn't bouncing your email, desa was refusing to relay
(20:02:21) gr3ck: the relay timer had expired since your last imap
(20:02:26) pajamacore: does linux have an embargo on cuba too?
flagstaff coffee mug

(no subject)

as I took the off-ramp from the 101 down to sunset, I had one of those moments... when I think to myself, I live here now. and I smiled.

one surgical incursion into amoeba later, I have new music and find myself sitting cross-legged on the floor with a glass of water outside a freezing cold closet, meditating over the sad mac. (in the name of steve jobs, I command you to work!)

two (three?) more stops before home. an interesting possible opportunity on the map for tomorrow.

back to work for now.
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