September 22nd, 2003

flagstaff coffee mug

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el jefe (de EDT, de Phoenix) and his girlfriend were in california this weekend... the plan 1.0 had them ending up here saturday afternoon, but I got a call that morning and ended up heading down to san diego instead. we were going to meet somewhere at balboa park, and in a fit of clairvoyance (they were in their friend rob's car, who I'd never met), I pulled in right behind them on the side of the road. rob bailed to play with robots, and I took jeff and zoe to OB for lunch at ranchos, a walk around the sandstone south of the pier, and an introductory visit to the frank + mat show. I crashed at rob's, breakfast at the mission, once-over of ikea (living room possibilities: ALLERUM, LESSEBO, JONSTORP), surprisingly uneventful drive back north.

shane's apartment is being poked and prodded today, so callie came home with me last night. she yowled all the way here, but she's been strangely quiet since I let her out of the box. she hasn't even whined for food this morning... what's the deal with that?

the "val kilmer" episode of inside the actors studio is on in the background, and it's insightful/funny. I'd never seen this show until I tuned in for the episode about the simpsons, which is also really good. I supposed it's like bravo's analogue of VH1's storytellers.

now I drink coffee.