September 28th, 2003

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christy asked me a while back to go to her friend tony's wedding yesterday, and I did, and it was cool. it was also a little bizzare. he's lit's manager, and christy has known him and the band since they were all teenagers. so, my first rock-and-roll wedding. the guys in the band were the groomsmen, I got to meet all their parents and siblings and friends, ate dinner next to kevin's (the drummer) mom and dad (I tried to shake his mom's hand as we were saying our goodbyes, and got a hug instead—christy says that means I get to go to kevin's wedding, too). ryan/brian/scott, do you remember curly, zebrahead's roadie? the one that ran up and gave me that flying hug at the house of blues in myrtle beach? he was there... didn't recognize me, though. anyway, everyone there was good people, the ceremony was short and sweet, and the decorations were black and red and revolved around playing cards (everyone got a commemorative deck). christy told a bunch of people she was going to be better about keeping in touch, and I made a list and put a reminder on my calendar for the 8th to pester her about it.

we changed clothes in the parking lot, then drove up to alhambra for marie's surprise birthday party. we missed the surprise part by a while, but only missed the police helicopter (and the 5-0s that followed) by about 20 minutes. marie's family is el salvadoran, and they know how to party... I so wish I'd been there to see her whole family holding up their drinks and waving into the spotlight.
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