October 19th, 2003

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I'm out of ½+½... (and everything else) I think it's time to go violate a picket line.

the bank is experiencing a high volume of calls right now, but they value my patience. (I think the certified check that got lost in the mail in june has been re-deposited (a month ahead of schedule), so I'm calling to check.)

I'm supposed to be in burbank, but I don't have enough cabling to do what I was going to do, and it's too late to get more out of storage. so I'll go in the morning. yeah.

I put the icing on The Project That Would Not Die And Pay Up earlier—so they better damn well pay up now. running my hours 1000% over on a not-to-exceed bid is not cool. if there's one thing I need to learn (and there is), it's how to manage this kind of thing better. die, scope creep, die.

no luck finding out over the phone. the strange thing is, I got the check back finally over the weekend so was going to take it up the street to the bank in the a.m. anyway.

someone left me a present in my inbox... a whole pile of SMTP transaction errors!

yeah, definitely time to violate a picket line.
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