December 20th, 2003

flagstaff coffee mug

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we made it in time for pancakes, but they were out of real syrup... the only thing they had was adkins sugar free. venice was pretty tame, but the weather was killer. it's funny, the only time I ever go there is like once every 3 or 4 months for breakfast at figtree's. I got that client problem fixed without having to go to hollywood. went down to angel's gate park, which is one of my favorite places, well, anywhere. it had started to get cloudy as the sun set, but it was clear at sea level and you could see catalina better than I have in a long time. crossed the bridges to long beach and met up with christy, and we all went to roscoe's for chicken 'n' waffles. so good, but it's treating me pretty wrong now. hung out at christy's a while, then stopped by my place to feed the cat... ended up having a few beers and watching terminator on IFC. shane hadn't seen any of them, and in california, that's neglecting your civic duty... so we stopped and picked up T2 on the way back to his place. I haven't seen 3 myself. maybe if they'd deposit half the rental price into the general fund, I'd check it out. gonna crash on the couch here again tonight. tomorrow looks like amoeba and the getty, with random sight-seeing and food along the way. is it bed time yet?