January 4th, 2004

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ashley and shane and I slipped past the orange curtain last night to hang out at mike & celeste's... first time I've seen them since shane's birthday. they've totally re-done their house, and it looks killer. they both look really good, too... I've mentioned this a couple of times, but married life agrees with mike. we basically just shot the shit, had a couple of rounds of drinks, and watched movies. found out mike's working in pedro now, so I'm gonna start rescuing him from the porn for lunch once in a while.

I have hella code to write today, but the sun is out again and the wind is pretty still so I think I'm gonna wander off to throw el diablo before I get too wound up programming.

I picked up a box of maple brown sugar mini-wheats yesterday. a box which might not make it through the weekend. someone seriously needs to regulate on my behalf when it comes to that damned cereal.

the eighteen tracks guaranteed to cure homosexuality!! mix that wil sent me continues to run around in circles in the cd player. which reminds me, I got an idea for a mix myself the other day... if you want to get a cd in the mail at some point, email me your physical address.
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flagstaff coffee mug

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grab your red-blue glasses, and take a look at the first stereo images from spirit.

(yes, I'm biting all the spirit links from slashdot.)

terminator 3 was not as terrible as I thought it was going to be. it wasn't good, but at least it made me laugh a few times. I think they stole little bits of half the sci-fi stories I've ever read.

I hit el dorado this morning and ended up in decent shape for not having played in six months. they've finished the parking lot, too, so there's a new (somewhat sketchy) first tee, and the extra baskets by 12 and 18 are gone.

time to get back to work.