January 6th, 2004

flagstaff coffee mug

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I spent yesterday at christy's, plowing through login and page auth procedures... I think we've finally hit critical mass for that project, the rest will just kinda fall into place as the design comes together. worked out when I got home, had a snack, wanted to get out of the house so I went over to roman's and had a beer and watched bad TV. (columbo... or matlock? how can anyone make that decision?)

I'm out in GT today... I really enjoyed the drive, it's clear with high clouds, and the scenery was great. I'm gonna try and get up with david for coffee between here and driving to burbank to make a change to the uplink from the cabinet at qwest. and drop more DLTs into the array.

I feel like I'm behind in every conceivable way... but I also feel like I'm getting things done, which is better than feeling like I'm slipping.

back to work. actually, maybe time for lunch.