January 7th, 2004

flagstaff coffee mug

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I never heard back from david yesterday... and my trip to burbank was postponed until this evening. ended up stopping in east LA on the way home to see my friend bill. his house is on top of a hill in lincoln heights and the view is just fucking amazing. went to the 101 coffee shop and grubbed... purple haze milkshake = good for the soul. got home around 11, wrote some code, slept good, beat my alarm clock up by about half an hour.

I love it when they're sawing holes in the concrete on my street. like now.

shit I just got a call and have to be in burbank at 8. that is not a good time to have to be in burbank on a weekday. I'm only gonna be there about an hour, but it's gonna be a chunk right out of the middle of my evening. and I had devised stupid domestic things to do! like buy more yogurt, and wash clothes. and now all that's ruined. oh wait, I don't care.

in other news I'm the happiest boy in town, because yesterday I noticed that recover is headlining one random show at chain reaction in a couple of weeks... and I bought tickets. and today, it's sold out. so there! and the bled, one of the bands I really like on that mix cd wil sent, is opening. that's a little bit of good luck, there.