January 25th, 2004

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I had raw fish again for lunch today. someone stop me, I'm out of control.

miller popped in for a while; he was going to see a friend of his that works down at hennessy's, so was in the neighborhood. random visitors are nice.

hit barney's beanery before the show. interesting place, I'll have to go back when there's drinking to be done. also very mildly interested in the "infamous anti-gay policy [that] was done away with a long time ago".

wandered down to the troub, show ensued.

opener #1 was with honor. wow, very nice. TIGHT. they're back on the 3rd with as I lay dying. allow me to mark my calendar. picked up their as-of-yet-unavailable-in-stores new CD.

#2 (who does #2 work for?) was still crossed. more good stuff... what's with all these good openers?

#3 was the mistake. they're local, and all their songs are apparently 30 seconds long. that's not really long enough to be anything but noisy. I love my noise, but I also love it when it coalesces into melody once in a while. they don't suck, but they're not really my thing.

shai hulud rocked. I even have a bit more respect for nfg now—I didn't realize their guitarist was shai hulud's original frontman... whom they stole back to sing these last 4 shows in cali. they're going to do a short run on the east coast before it's all over, but shai hulud is done. they're pulling a longfellow, though, and most the driving force will be back with a new name soon enough. but the "this is our last song" announcement carried a lot more weight tonight.

speaking of longfellow, the band-by-any-other-name is called blame the bullet, and their debut show at chain reaction is monday. I think I'll de-prioritize my current reports until I've been advised of a status upgrade, and make that my primary action item.

I stopped at the corner of melrose and almont and played on the balls on the way back to the truck. it's not as much fun by yourself.

then I had this grand idea to stop by the knitting factory box office to pick up tickets to see the bad plus in april. at 11p. on a saturday night. I only managed to stick with that plan for about 3 blocks. I'll stop by some other time, or just get them online.

p. and j. from EDT are supposed to be here tomorrow early p.m., and I'm pretty sure they have a whole evening of work planned. they're headed back to phoenix monday noonish... doesn't leave much time for play. maybe I can drag j. out after work wraps up. I mean, he can sleep on the way home, right?