March 16th, 2004

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the weather has been absolute crap the last few days, and my mood has reflected it. I've had this oatmeal-in-the-head sensation, with the good, bad and ugly kinda elbowing each other for compute cycles on the frontal lobe. a random sample, for my future recollection:

↑ ron's coming next week
↑ bills involving repo paid through april 1
↑ huge biz deal on track to start next month
↓ invoicing snafu = currently flat broke
↔ king's game tonight = very late trip to level 3
↔ random events leading to contemplation of love lost

the marine layer is thick this evening, and I got jackie on the phone and took her with me down to the pier. out at the end, you couldn't see jack shit, including the land. well, I did see a sea lion. anyway the uniform gray played tricks on my eyes, and reminded me of the fuzz in my brain. it was pretty much cold as hell, though, so I packed it up and walked home.

it's weird, I'm not particularly stressed or unhappy or any of those other adjectives... I'm just a little out of sorts. it will pass.

I think I'm gonna have a bite to eat, put on some thoughtful music, and sit in half-lotus and meditate for a while. and since I'm thinking head to level 3 around midnight, maybe a nap...
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