September 10th, 2004

dodgers + ear

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I had rosemary chicken lasagna earlier this week that was mediocre, so last night I made rosemary chicken lasagna, and it rocked.

jeremy's coming out for a week's vacation on monday... gonna do magic mountain, recover on tuesday, the bad plus on thursday, prolly lots of beach and eating. I need to stare at the budget a bit, and figure out how much $crill I can get away with blowing while he's here.

I lost my sunglasses somewhere, and have been miserable driving without them. one more potential hiding spot to check, and then I'll hafta write them off. this kills my average glasses life expectancy, I only kept up with 'em for a year.

right after we woke up this morning, nati says, "I had the weirdest dream, we..." — and fell back asleep mid-sentence. it was pretty fucking cute.

also, chain.exe is out, for anyone that a) likes progrock, or b) wants to own a CD that I do very minor backing vocals on.
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    Chain - chain.exe [2004-07-22 rough mix] - "Cities"
dodgers + hand

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I feel strange, all of a sudden... like I went from zero to the weird disembodied feeling of the flu in less than a minute.
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    The Postal Service - Give Up - "Sleeping In"