July 29th, 2006

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Matt Mercer and I learned this first-hand at SIGGRAPH '97, but today I am reminding that there are some really talented people holed up at Microsoft, doing some really incredible work, especially in the graphics/imaging/rendering arena.

Microsoft turns photo collections into 3D walkthroughs [arstechnica.com]
Via the EET comes word of a new technology called Photosynth, which can stitch together 2D snapshots of a location to build a 3D walkthrough. So for instance, you could do a Google Image or Flickr search for photos of the Eiffel Tower, dump all the resulting photos of the monument into Photosynth, and have the software recreate it and its surroundings in 3D.
Skip the article if you want and just watch the demo. This kind of software—not just specifically imaging, but this kind of leveraging technology to interpret and present data we already have piled up—is the beginning of another revolution in how we use computers.

Really, watch the demo. No textual description can really give their technique justice.