December 7th, 2006

bcx upper hub

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Tcur = 42 °F
DPcur = 37 °F

Either way, no matter how cold it gets at night, I'm always a little surprised to see frost when I wake up in the morning. It's a pleasant surprise, though... I can't relate how over summer I was this year. Thanks to El Niño (I don't even believe in you!) we're supposed to have a warmer, wetter winter than usual, but as long as the temps stay down in the 60s and 70s, I won't complain.

Donato is working Friday night and Saturday, and I have Friday off (floating holiday, had to use it before the end of the year and all the Christmas-y days people had dibs on already) and a bunch of spare blades, so I'm headed to PHX to hang out with Wil... toy box consisting of heli, bike, discs a la disc golf, and World Class Baseball. Beer to be acquired locally.

Ahh the heli. After five minutes of fairly deft maneuvering, I was going for another pass through the front yard, and made the transition from asphalt+concrete to grass at about 3–4', and didn't compensate for the loss of the thermal. Previous runs at an altitude of twice that weren't a problem, but I think at the reduced altitude I was close enough to ground effect (and in fact lost 6" abruptly at the curb) that with the cyclic full forward and a little left and not enough power, he heaved over. The frustrating thing is I saw what was happening and believe I took the right corrective steps, but did not have the throttle response to pull out of it. Actually, the fact that I have throttle response is part of the problem... I can't wait to upgrade to a model that maintains head speed and is full CP. But I'm going to keep crashing the little guy and enjoying cheap plastic replacement parts for several more months before it comes to that.