February 25th, 2007

flagstaff coffee mug

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The Orange County Choppers dudes are at gate 41.

[edit: This was at 9 this morning, but Cingular (is the new AT&T) decided not to deliver it until I landed.]

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So I'm in Grapevine, TX (DFW adjacent) for Spring Training... not learning, this time I'm a TA (big lab sections!). Matt's going to be here with me this week, so we can finally do the catching up we haven't had time for on my previous trips to RTP. Hopefully the guy that sat next to me during New Hire Training is here this week, he's cool and I'd like to catch up with him.

Matt's flight doesn't land for 90 minutes plus time to get here (I waited 45 minutes for baggage) so I think I'm going to wander around, find a cup of coffee and a snack. He's picking up the car so we'll go find real food later.