April 5th, 2007

bcx upper hub

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birdcage.txt — download it, drop it on your box, chmod it 700, rename it .pl, edit in your login credentials, cron it a minute before midnight, enjoy. please note it's a 0.1 release, no complaints about how ugly it is.
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    Orange 9mm - Tragic - "Dead In The Water"

Twitter, digested by birdcage.pl

00:11:47 — catching up on personal things before bed
01:09:16 — sack time.
08:17:10 — catching up with what happened overnight, thinking about caffeine
09:41:05 — require coffee, heading to java universe
10:49:06 — reading about the MS iSCSI Initiator's "port-hopping" algorithm
13:02:21 — in my one concall of the day, it's all about teh education
14:43:53 — volunteering to do More Work, about to finally shower and get clean clothes on
16:41:17 — heading to macmedia, hide your servers
17:58:42 — at macmedia, wondering how people going to school on pell g-g-grants end up at USC
18:00:10 — ok that was seriously snarky, and I mean "p-p-pell" not "g-g-grants"
20:33:56 — getting birdcage.pl ready for public consumption
20:52:13 — headed back to wil's to regroup for happy hour
22:08:15 — back to the yard house for night-time happy hour
23:10:35 — waiting for d-baj to show up