April 22nd, 2007


Twitter, digested by birdcage.pl

06:46:22 — awake, retrieving photos from the wedding (so-so), whinging about the way they're treating alec baldwin
09:01:52 — shower time, then hopefully food
10:30:23 — headed to rawley to run errands and get lunch
11:38:31 — About to sample baja burrito for the first time since I moved to california
12:12:36 — mmm warm fuzzy burrito feeling
12:59:03 — at the bike shop w/ jeremy and tavaris, about to slip into a food coma
18:09:36 — snacks and beer
22:19:45 — converting myself to the cult of quicksilver
22:59:35 — I always stay up too late the first couple of nights out here, no matter how tired I am