May 6th, 2007

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Nothing UntiedUnited does is ever on time and my captain from RDU to IAD was less old than I am, but I made it across the border unscathed and with luggage in tow.

I've decided that Toronto is the Chicago of Canada. And by that I mean: when can I move here? OK maybe that's totally a snap decision after having been here five hours, but yeah, so far Canada appears to be all it's cracked up to be. It's clean, it's a pleasant combination of lovely old brick and shiny modern. They have enough water that you could pretend it's coastal. The people are friendly, the money has pretty colors, and they have the Bs. Jay offered "beer, bacon, and more bacon" but my inclination is to redefine the third one as "boys".

Had dinner at The Siddhartha and a cup of coffee with Josh and his girlfriend.

Alaina has the coolest house I think I've ever seen.

I'm here until Wednesday with no real plan. Probably just get a subway map and a day pass and wander around. Need to see Q9, chow at Tim Hortons. What else?

Twitter, digested by

05:24:47 — packing up to hit the road to toronto
09:04:49 — quick lunch then to RDU
10:56:24 — RDU gate C22
13:16:57 — washington / dulles
13:49:38 — ERJ bitch seat (18A) and I see them loading my bag, pilot doing his walkaround
14:11:01 — waiting for connecting bags, 10 minute delay
15:53:30 — on the ground at YYZ (wondering how much this txt will cost)
16:41:22 — umm wow, like canada is cool
17:54:56 — eating killer indian food at siddharta at king / bathurst
20:27:20 — alaina might have the coolest house I've ever seen
21:25:15 — bed time