May 8th, 2007

flagstaff coffee mug

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walking out onto a glass floor 1,122 feet above the ground is a very disturbing experience. the view, however, is breathtaking:
thank you, canada, for building the CN Tower. and thanks to wiseacre for suggesting it; and yes, I did watch operations at YTZ from the observation deck for a while.

also today, alaina took me on a tour of q9 (very james bond) and to lunch at big daddy's (large hoegaardens). met josh at the roundhouse/steam whistle brewing for a taste, wandered around, met alaina and sarah at zelda's for dinner. took the bloor-danforth line out to royal york to meet the aforementioned wiseacre for beers at the old sod (including my first kilkenny, a fine nitrogenated Irish red and my first poutine experience, which I gotta say is pretty damn good). now it's freakin' time for bed, I am exhausted.

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Twitter, digested by

05:42:40 — awake, going to shower then find breakfast
06:19:07 — eating a coffee crisp (breakfast later)
08:04:13 — having coffee at faema
09:27:22 — enjoying the view from Q9's offices
11:15:42 — standing on the glass floor at the CN tower
16:34:04 — ate at zelda's with josh, alaina, sarah; on the way to royal york to meet wiseacre
18:19:19 — eating poutine drinking kilkenny and talking politics with wiseacre