August 24th, 2007

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last night before bed, I watched the "jungles" episode of planet earth... which equals lots of bugs, and even more bizarre parasitic fungi erupting from bugs' heads. so I had all kinds of fucked-up nightmares last night. I woke up and one point and turned around in bed, because I was sure someone was going to push the air conditioner in from outside and it was going to fall on and crush my head.

also, planet earth is finally a compelling reason for me to want an HDTV. I watched the first several episodes in HD at jeremy's, and the difference is remarkable. one of the themes is herds/flocks/swarms/schools, with lots of aerial photography taken early or late in the day, showing elongated shadows of millions of animals moving. it's amazing work no matter how you cut it, but in HD you can tell that it's millions of individuals, and that changes the message a bit—on my tv, a million snow geese in flight looks kind of like static.

today is my last day on call, and the delivery date for a huge body of work that over a dozen people have been laboring on for days. it's been a tough week of work, and I'm looking forward to dinner and a movie with friends tonight, and a free day tomorrow to change the oil before I drive up to silicon valley for a few days.

Twitter, digested by

07:39:21 — catching up lj with a week of tweets
08:53:31 — inbox reclaimed, time for more coffee
09:37:48 — ice cream + cheetos for breakfast, this week has not been kind
09:40:22 — @snakedanger happy birthday god dammit
17:03:59 — considering getting wil a palm for each year
19:50:40 — I don't like crabs
19:53:44 — when I smile at strangers' small children, it makes the parents nervous