January 6th, 2008

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Flag got about 7" from Friday night until early this morning, then we got a reprieve for most of the day. It started snowing again (nice, dry powder this time) about two hours ago, and the forecast is for it to continue all night, adding up to a foot of accumulation at the downtown altitude (compare with Snowbowl up the road at almost twice the altitude: today's forecasted high was 3 °F and they've gotten 16" in the last 24 hours).

I ventured out yesterday in the slush to go to the post office, laundromat, and Macy's (which is right next to the laundromat, very nice). There were a surprising number of people out and about, and I ended up at Altitudes as my reward for having clean clothes, having a beer and chatting with staff. It's cool, people here love the snow. It's good for business, it's good for the aquifer, and apparently it's good for the psyche.