July 7th, 2009

flagstaff coffee mug

Discourse on the Xbox...

<greck> the old b/g one can't carry enough b/w to get video to the xbox in a timely fashion
<wil> xbox?
<wil> you son of a bitch!
<wil> now, I can take my best friend being gay, owning a japanese pickup truck, having a cat...
<wil> BUT AN XBOX!!??
<wil> that, sir, is unacceptable!
<wil> nickle and dime box, I say
<greck> I got everything I need including FOUR controllers and it's a new jasper mobo for < ps3 in a box
<wil> yeah, but you have to pay to get online
<wil> silver, gold, polished-turd level access plans
<wil> you traitorous SOB
<wil> I'd ride a bicycle to flagstaff to kick you in the shin, if I owned one.
<wil> it's because of micr0$uck that I can't watch hulu via my ps3 browser anymore
<wil> fucking assholes
<wil> for reals, the kind of dude that would deny his BEE EFF EFF online games of super puzzle fighter by
      buying MICROSOFT PRODUCTS is the kinda guy that would bang his friend's sister.
<wil> also, you know why I bought a DREAMCAST?!? because it was cheaper than the ps2 -- and look where THAT GOT ME!!
<greck> you won't be QUITE so sad when you come and visit and you get to play castle crashers, which rocks
<wil> you know what else rocks? standing up to facism!
<wil> but you wouldn't know anything about that, HIMMLER!!!
<wil> Goebbels McSwastika over there playing Halo 3 and trying to port WinMo 7 beta to his iPhone.
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