satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

I've been doing laundry since I woke up this morning... ten minutes until the two washers and two driers will stop simultaneously (I'm good like that). there's change for one more wash and dry, but I may save that for another day.

been talking to bigmills about his swank new shoes, rapiddecay about life, and sisyphus909 about everything else. he's gonna post-correct the only thing wrong with this morning next time I see him... lack of a coffee maker. a five-cup will do my a.m. just right in the future.

I've gotta go to work for a while later and get a box or two ready to go to qwest, then drive up to burbank. mainly to fix a box that crashed, but it'll be nice to have the one or two I'm taking up today as well. "you have all day Monday" they said, on Friday afternoon. like I'd rather drive to burbank during a weekday, even if the alternative is using up part of the weekend. gonna bike to the office again... gets easier every time.

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