satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

Just in from my first show in a long time... the first opener was the Selby Tigers, and they're that bad opening act you're always scared of having to sit trough. Up second, the Pinehurst Kids are pretty well-known pop-punk outta Oregon. Locals The Scaries came next, and well, they sucked tonight. Not only did they cross the line giving shit to another band on the bill, but they wasted more time making jokes about wasting time tuning than they played. Anyway, the Alkaline Trio headlined, and although they as of recently have a new drummer, they still rock as good as ever... holy shit, I was just checking dates so I could mention when they're gonna be on the road again, and discovered the Asian Man Records Plea for Peace tour: MU330, Link 80, Alkaline Trio, Mike Park himself, and others... coming to a venue near you. Mark your calendars, cuz you don't wanna miss this one.

And tonight's weird aside is that someone standing near me at the show smelled just like the first guy I fell in love with--and now I'm a little dejected.

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