satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

I got to raleigh saturday with no issues. aela picked me up at the airport, and she, doctre, frob, jaybird and I went to lucky 32 for grub. you know, as convenient as the <lj user> tag is, I kinda feel like it demeans my friends. I don't refer to or think of them them as their internetish personae, and I've known them all since way before livejournal was around. the internet is a tool, people. use it, amongst other things, to keep in touch with the people you love. that is all.

slept in until noon local time yesterday. went grocery shopping with abbey, bought groceries and some fish (cecil died). rounded up drew and rcw and went to tír na nÓg for dinner. back to abbey's... scrabble ensues, jeremy came over. drew took the first round, and abbey+ryan took second even though I managed to get "odious" on the board.

this morning, woke up around 9 to more lame ass rain. three (3) chicken biscuits from chick-fil-a for breakfast. hey, leave me alone, I never get chick-fil-a anymore so I'm entitled. up to capital to pick up the truck. obviously, ryder botched my reservation. the place is ryder+budget, so I end up with $50 knocked off the price and a way larger 15' truck from budget's fleet. it's like ten times too big; I don't even have enough stuff to cover the entire floor one layer deep. made for easy packing though... I had everything out of the storage unit and into the truck by the time abbey and drew got there from the home depot adventure. jeff's providing a box for the to-be-mikeylove's monitor, so there's gonna be one more short trip back to storage today or tomorrow to take care of that, and pick up tyche's rocking chair to take to flavor and jess's.

now, time to get clean. maybe my newly alloted washcloth wasn't disintegrate like the first one.

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