satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

friday, wildebeest and I drove around and took a few artsy-farty photos... johnny IHOP-seed, the old imperial theater in inglewood, the "fuck you" phone, and some cool downtown scenery.

saturday, we took avantard on his first visit to the getty. much photographic evidence... too many to mention individually, but the view of from up there is pretty righteous.

then last night, shane, ammwriter and i went to see principal filming for the season finale of will & grace. I haven't been watching it lately but I'll tune in for the end... it promises to be good. they're doing special guest appearances tonight and wrapping up tomorrow. the house band sucked, and the warm-up sucked, but the actual filming was cool.

in other news... life continues to be kind of chaotic. I keep having to do and say things I wish I didn't, but I'm not being left much choice. backing someone into a corner in order to get a reaction rarely gets you the reaction you want.

I think my dad's years of insisting that I have absolutely no patience turned me into one of the most patient people around when it comes to most things. unfortunately, it also instilled his lack of tolerance with people that aren't. isn't it stupid to be impatient with people that aren't? yeah, I thought it was.

another day in my life as a big dork.

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