satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

well, after almost a whole year of identity document issues and canceled appointments, as of yesterday I'm finally a properly licensed driver in the golden state. the dmv here pretty much has their act together... in and out including the written test in 35 minutes.

kraq (welcome to livejournal, jon) and I spent four hours starting at 17:00 prying our office network off what today will be the cold, dead link to DI. has anyone ever told you that checkpoint is a big steaming pile of shit? and no, not the kind that puts a smile on stallmann's face. pretty much the only thing about moving out of this building that I'm looking forward to is doing the internal networking right from the beginning.

kevin and bean assured me via radio this morning that scott stapp's hair, pecs and abs are OK after his traumatic accident. avantard had this to say yesterday:

to: God
from: frank
re: creed singer's auto accident

close, but no cigar. try, try again.

the guy from verizon was supposed to be here almost 90 minutes ago to find the facilities problem at this end of our other circuit to qwest. where the hell is he?

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