satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
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week in review

last saturday, I woke up with the worst bellyache I've ever had. made some attempt to sleep most of the day, and finally drove down to st. doug to hang out with frank () and mat (). sunday we biked to PB, people-watched, went swimming, ate at ranchos, watched a movie or two. no drinking for me, it took days for my gut to get itself back right. monday, more of the beach (including a nice clear sunset, and frank's "still life with kelp") and a totally traffic-free drive back up to LA.

crashed when I got home monday, hectic day in the office tuesday, spent the evening washing clothes and packing to head to phoenix the next morning.

wednesday morning started with me getting a call at the airport at 7:25 from qwest—a billing snafu was about to get the internet connection to the LA office cut. I spent so much time on the phone getting that straightened out I ended up having to find an outlet in the terminal to plug it in. the whole day was a huge planning meeting with my boss and my three peers, and it's probably the most productive management meeting I've ever been involved in.

wednesday evening, I caught up with mitch, an old friend from college who happened to talk to jill () around the time of my first trip to phx, and sent me an email about getting together. dinner at az 88 (when we got there, I was all "oh yeah, isn't this the place bryen () likes a lot?"), drinks somewhere afterwards... it was good to catch up.

thursday I spent in deep meditation with my two IT guys... got some network plans laid out, got the guts of the interoffice-VPN working. also had a battle meeting with the manager of product development (at elie's, damn they make a good gyro)... PD is totally bought-into moving away from windows server-side, and as soon as we've generated enough momentum, we're going to drag marketing along with us, kicking and screaming if necessary. why does the webmaster report into marketing? dunno, got me on that one...

day #2 actually at my desk last week (that's friday) turned into a mess when someone who did us a favor let us know we'd worn out our welcome. I'm not complaining, it was supposed to be "for a month or so" (and the date on that other post is 6/27, if you're too lazy to click it), but there's been every kind of snag imaginable obviating the need for the favor, and without it we're over a barrel. we have until tuesday to get a hard schedule nailed down (from three telcos and the client's behemoth, slothful IT dept? riiiiight.), and then we'll either get an extension or told to pack it up. the easiest of three contingency plans we came up with yesterday would require an act of congress or whatever deity you want to invoke, and the other two are even worse.

today, I drug shane () to huntington for some core tour action, bmx street to be exact. I had the impression it was gonna be demo-ish, but apparently it was an am contest of sorts... pretty fly-by-night though. coolest trick I saw: (for lack of a better/"right" name) a one-footed nose dork wheelie on the box jump. well, adam strieby showed up for heat #6 and did a decade and a turn-down backflip, but those don't count. we got some food, and then on the way to the truck saw nasty cruising down the sidewalk—if I'd had any sense, I'd have gotten myself hit. fucking hindsight.

I'll probably end up back down there tomorrow, for the KOD finals and big air challenge. I think this is the last event of the season, so there ought not be anyone absent like last time.

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