satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

the sun came out yesterday, and I biked and played disc golf and drove through south central to test a theory (no, you can't see the hollywood sign from the corner of florence & normandie; it's a couple of blocks west, there's just no line of sight... seeing the mountains ten miles away where it is is no problem). went down to the LBC to hang out with christy, had some really good beer at rock bottom (a cask-conditioned belgian, not white, not lambic, but a little fruity, called "angry dragon").

today, SHIT at work to start with, lots of birthday wishes (thanks everyone), lunch with my friend jason who was down for the weekend from sactown, a couch (!), an excellent homemade birthday card, two CDs, hella cake (shane () and ashley's () specialty carrot, and chocolate-on-chocolate from heather), another round of development updates, a status report (five minutes ago counts as "close of business monday", right?), and now bed.

I felt a little older for a while earlier, but it passed.

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