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satan's little suckass demonstration

nature is a mother. — murphy I was going to complain about…

1/3/03 12:44 pm

nature is a mother. — murphy

I was going to complain about dishing up two days of sunny and almost-80 weather not being good preparation for a weekend in reno, but the forecast up there has taken a turn for the warm so I'll just shut up.

this is gonna be my first non-work trip out of socal in a year, and I'm really looking forward to it. no agenda except for some pizza place that's supposed to be great, and a band tomorrow night called "dick bob and the nob". yeah, your guess is as good as mine.

it's also gonna be nice to just get way from things for a while (although it's probably not exactly the time I'd have choosen if I'd known what was going on). I suppose it's axiomatic that perspective requires distance, and I've been in the soup without a break for a long time... so here's to taking some time off and meeting new people in new places.
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