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the trip to phoenix was a blast... the truck was a five-speed with a big flat steering wheel and 214,000 miles on it. let me tell you, if I get tired of this IT bullshit, I'm gonna be a truck driver. I'd never been east of the 15 on the 10 before, and it's a nice drive... saw some purple mountains' majesty and lots of dirt and rocks.

we had some outside help getting the truck unloaded yesterday, only took about 4 hours. had to wash clothes last night because nothing was clean and I just packed the top of each pile of dirty stuff from home. showered, went to be around midnight and slept about 14 hours. so, I feel pretty rested and clean for the first time in weeks. I'm sore in places I didn't know I had, though.

oh yeah, hey kit (), guess what I had earlier? la madeleine! there's one right around the corner. I could so eat there every day.

gonna be here all week... probably working a fair number of evenings, but if you're reading this and live near phoenix, let me know.

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