satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

well, between point A and point B, I stopped in silverlake for food and drink... and while I was taking a break, the battery in the truck decided to take a break, too. it'd be five years old in june, that's about the life expectancy, so no complaining. I walked a block up to the closest auto parts store, borrowed a crescent wrench, walked back, carried the battery up for testing (no joy), sprung for a new battery, installed it, dropped off the wrench... so I'm pretty much behind on my wiring work. I ripped a new hole in my leg on a stupid chatsworth bracket (removed now) and have a mess in the hallway to clean up, but the WC itself is sparkly-clean. time to clean up the mess I've created... solve a mail relay problem, make a freedos boot floppy, drive back up to qwest and finish a windows install, and then head home for some R&R.

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